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Counselor's Corner

Everything that students tell the counselor is confidential.  That means what you say in my office stays in my office. want to hurt yourself or somebody else or that someone is hurting you.
Reasons to See the Counselor
To talk about something that's bothering you/causing you stress/feeling overwhelmed
Help with friend problems
Reporting bullying issues
To see what clubs are available at your school
To talk about struggling with school/class issues
Help studying or learning to study
Support getting organized
Talk about career choices for your future
Schedule information
*Write an agenda in each class
*Make a to do list
*Set goals and make a plan to reach them
*Check email and utilize Google Calendar for Reminders
*Keep your binder, backpack and locker organized
*Study a little each day at home in a quiet place
*Eat a well balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner
*Exercise for mental clarity and stress free body
*Have a positive attitude and be a leader
*Remember it is okay to make mistakes as long as it is a learning opportunity
*Limit time with technology