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Coach Raesz's Art & Science Class

Course Description
*Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year in Coach Raesz’s and Science Class.  This year we will include planning and conducting field and laboratory investigations, using the scientific method, analyzing data, critical thinking, scientific problem solving and using various tools and equipment to collect and analyze information.   This course will consist of Lab safety and Investigations, Matter & Energy, Force,-Motion-Energy, Space, Weather and Plate Tectonics, Organism and Environment, and Chemistry. 8th grade Science is a STAAR tested subject.
*Welcome to Coach Raesz's 5th and 6th Grade Art Class. We will work on the following areas in art this year: Develop perceptual skills and visual arts vocabulary, skills/processes/materials/tools, role and development of the visual arts, and connections/relationships/applications. Some of the projects we have planned for this school year are as follows: shading, build a structure out of popsicle  sticks, grid drawing, and clay modeling.
1st Period
MS Athletics
8:00 - 8:57
2nd Period
8th Grade Science 9:00 - 9:57
3rd Period 5th Grade Art 10:00 - 10:57
4th Period
8th Grade Science 11:00 - 11:57
5th Period 8th Grade Science 12:45 - 1:42
6th Period Conference 1:45 - 2:42
7th Period 6th Grade Science 2:44 - 3:40
2016 -2017 Projects
I was born and raised in Taylor, TX.  Spent my childhood helping my dad on his farm; raising corn, maize, wheat, cotton, and cattle.  Graduated high school from Taylor High School and then went to the most prestige college in Texas, Texas A&M University.
I am married with two kids; Bryce(6 years old) and Brynn( 2 years old).  We currently reside in Hutto, TX.  
I like to be active outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, and sports are my interest as an adult.