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About Me

A Little Bit About Mrs. Gola...
This will be my first year in Thrall ISD and I am so excited to be apart of the Thrall Middle School family! I am going on my 8th year in education. My first 3 years were spent as an Elementary Teacher. This will be my 5th year as a School Counselor and I have worked at both the Elementary and Middle School levels. 
I am married and have two kids of my own (and a third on the way). I have a 10 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Both of which will also be apart of the Thrall ISD family. 
I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Leadership from Texas A&M University before going back to school to earn my Texas Teaching Certificate. I then went on to earn my Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling with a School Counselor Certification from Angelo State University. 
While this year might look a little different than what we are used to, I am still so excited to be here to support our students, families, and staff. I am looking forward to helping our students grow from both an academic and social-emotional standpoint. In order to be successful in doing this, it will be imperative that students reach out when they need help in any way. Additionally, it will be important to maintain an open line of communication with parents and staff in order to work together on meeting our students needs. 
Please feel free to check out my pages for resources, information on counseling services that are offered, and feel free to reach out to me any time. 
Confidentiality Notice: 
When a student comes to see the School Counselor, what is said in my office is confidential and will be kept between myself and the student. This means that what is said in my office, stays in my office, unless... you want to hurt yourself, you want to hurt somebody else, or someone is hurting you. 
Reasons to See the School Counselor:
Scheduling Help/Information
Help Managing Time 
Support Getting Organized 
School Needs 
Help Solving Problems 
Help Navigating Middle School & Future Decisions
Support with Study Skills 
Help with Social Issues
Help with Friends or Conflicts with Peers
Help with Family Issues 
Help Dealing with Anger Issues
Help Dealing with Anxiety Issues
Self-Esteem Needs 
To Talk it Out (about things bothering/overwhelming/stressing you out)
Explore Career Paths, College Choices, & Personal Graduation Plans
Help Managing Stress 
Help Getting Resources 
Anything Else You May Need Help With!