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Student Chromebook Information 2021-22-UPDATED

The focus of the Chromebook 1:1 (1 Chromebook per student) Program in Thrall ISD is to provide equipment
and resources that meet the needs of today’s students. This Program is subject to change due to COVID-19.
Chromebooks will be distributed in August to all 3rd-12th grade students for the 2021-22 school year. 1st and 2nd grade students have Chromebooks to use in their individual classroom technology centers. PreK and Kindergarten students have iPads to use in their individual classroom technology centers.
While 3rd-4th grade students will be assigned individual Chromebooks to be used by that student only,
these Chromebooks will remain on campus this school year. Chromebooks will be charged each night on
carts in the classrooms. 3rd-4th grade student Chromebooks will be checked out to students during the first week of school. 
5th-12 grade students will be assigned individual Chromebooks to be used by that student only, and the student is responsible to take the Chromebook home each night for charging. 9th-12th Grade Student Chromebooks can be picked up during Meet the Teacher on Thursday, Aug. 5 from the IT Building (behind the Middle School). 5th-8th grade student Chromebooks will be checked out to students during the first week of school.
All 3rd-12th grade students’ parents are highly encouraged to purchase insurance coverage for the
Chromebook through the District’s Securranty policy. More information is available on the PDF document below.
Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken by the student to the campus office, as
soon as possible. A temporary replacement Chromebook will be provided for the student. If Securranty
insurance coverage was purchased by the parent for the Chromebook and the issue with the Chromebook is
covered by Securranty, the District will file the claim for the Chromebook to be repaired at no cost to the
parent. If no insurance coverage was purchased for the Chromebook, the parent is responsible for all repair or replacement costs of the Chromebook.
Chromebook Care:
1. Use caution when eating or drinking near your Chromebook.
2. Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook to
prevent damage.
3. 9th-12th grade Chromebooks must be in the TISD-issued case at all times. Chromebooks should not
be placed in backpacks.
4. Unzip the case (9th-12th grades) completely around the corners for opening and use of the Chromebook
5. Students should never carry their Chromebook while the screen is open.
6. Do not stack any books, heavy materials, etc. on top of the Chromebook. Anything placed on the
Chromebook may cause damage.
7. Do not close the Chromebook with anything inside it (pencil, earbuds, etc.). This can cause screen
8. 9th-12th grade students need to take their Chromebooks home with them every night to charge them.
Chargers should be left at home. 3rd-8th grade students must return their Chromebooks to their
assigned cart at the end of the school day to charge them.
9. If a 9th-12th grade student is attending a school-sponsored activity (either off campus or at school),
he/she should secure the Chromebook in a teacher/coach-designated area.
10. Chromebooks should not be left unattended/unsecured, particularly in the cafeteria, unlocked
classrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, buses, cars, or on school grounds.
11. Do not expose the Chromebook to extreme temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods of
time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage.
Chromebook Management:
1. Only the TISD student who is assigned to the Chromebook is allowed to log into that Chromebook.
2. TISD Chromebooks are managed by the domain “”. Any attempt to remove this
management will result in immediate disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, confiscation of
the device and a loss of Chromebook privileges.
Additional Chromebook information is provided in the TISD Student Chromebook Handbook 2021-22 available below.