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6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies
Welcome to Social Studies! We will tour the globe and discover what other cultures experience in their daily life, what makes them unique and what makes them similar. Our goal is to educate ourselves to the world outside of our 'American bubble' and understand that all cultures share the same smile but different satisfactions. We must use this class as a tool to bridge the gaps between cultures in order to have a more prosperous, harmonious world.   
Going on now! - Students are to recite the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
Monday 9/19 and each day after is a 5pt deduction. THIS IS A TEST GRADE and should have been marked down in your students journal the week of 9/5. There will be a journal check this week! :-)
Friday 9/23 - States [w/abbreviations], Capitals, and Longitude and Latitude of those capitals. Students will be given a list of States [w/abbreviations] and Capitals. Students will also be required to determine the latitude and longitude of each capital.  Follow the link to study the states and capitals through a catchy song!
  • Texas State 2009
  • I am excited to be entering my 2nd year at Thrall ISD
  • Respect to teacher, visiting teachers, and peers is to be expected.
  • Enter the room quietly under teacher supervision
  • Arrive prepared with journal, writing utensil/paper
  • Any work not turned in on due date will be late... left at home, in locker, cafeteria, band hall, it's still late.
Pens - Blue, Black & Red
Pencils & Map Pencils
Construction Paper - We have plenty right now
Poster Board - TBD