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Principal's Message

The week of September 19th is the last week of the first six week grading period. Since this is a short six weeks grading period (only 5 weeks), it is extremely important that students turn in all work on or before Friday, September 23rd!
School Absences:
When a student is out ill, don't forget to call the school front office to let us know. Upon returning from an absence a note if required from the parent or doctor's office. If a student misses class due to a medical appointment, please ask for an "excuse note" from the medical office to bring back to campus for documentation purposes. 
Absence work is due no later than 2 days after the absence occurred. A student receives one day for each day absent plus one additional day to complete the missed work. After that time frame work is considered late and will graded accordingly. 
Currently our campus average attendance rate is 96%
If your work, cell or home phone number changes, PLEASE call the school and let us know. In the event that we have to get in touch with you, we need to have the most current numbers on file. 
Thrall Middle School's Themes for the 2016-20107 school  year are "Mutual Respect & Engagement". 
Bell Schedules for the 2016-2017 school year have been uploaded to this site
MS Tiger Den Newsletter has been uploaded to this site
Mrs. Luton