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Middle School UIL DISTRICT CHAMPS 2016
We will start practices the first week in October.  Students will practice during Advisory time on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Some coaches may practice before school or after school depending on the coach's schedule.  Practice times will be posted on this website.  The students will sign up to try out for the events they are interested in.  Each coach will have a sign up sheet outside their door.  
Practice schedule:  1st part 11:52-12:08   2nd part 12:09-12:25
​Wednesdays   1st part 11:52-12:08  2nd part 12:09-12:25

Wise  Math 7-8  all

Beef  Chess 7-8 1st part

        Chess 5-6  2nd part

Raesz  Art 5-6  1st part

          Art 7-8  2nd part

Mik   Calculator 6-8  all

Vrbsky  Editorial  6-8   all

Sterling   Listening 5-6  1st part

             Listening  7-8  2nd part

Rooks   Math 6   all

Graham   Dictionary 5-8  1st part

             Ready Writing  5-6  2nd part

Engelke  Maps 7-8  1st part

             Maps 5-6  2nd part


Coach Walker

Ms. Matuke

Mrs. Widmer

Coach Malish

Coach Cavender

Thursdays  1st part 11:52-12:08    2nd part 12:09-12:25

Morrison  Music 6  all

Malish  Modern Oratory  6-8  all

Cavender   Social Studies  5-6  1st part

                Social Studies  7-8  2nd part

Raesz    Science 8  all

Mik       Number Sense  7-8 1st part

            Number Sense  5-6  2nd part

Matuke  Oral Reading 5 1st part

            Ready Writing 7-8 2nd part

Vrbsky  Impromtu 6-8  all

Sterling  Science 7   all

Rooks  Oral Reading 7-8  all

Graham  Spelling 5-8 1st part

             Oral Reading 6 2nd part


Music Memory 5 Tuesdays after school till 4:30 with Mrs. Ball at the elementary.


Coach Walker

Mrs. Widmer

Mrs. Wise

Coach Beef

Mrs. Engelke