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All Student Chromebooks DUE

Student Chromebook Check-In Schedule:


Grade Level



Monday, May 22

9th Grade


1, and 7


10th Grade


2, 3, 6 and 7


11th Grade


***If students do not have Mr. Lassiter for English, they will need to turn their Chromebook in during 1st, 4th or 5th period (only if OK with their 4th or 5th period teacher) or during lunch or after school on Monday, May 22.

1, 4 and 5

Tuesday, May 23

12th Grade




8th Grade


5 and 8

Wednesday, May 24

7th Grade


3, 5 and 7

Thursday, May 25

6th Grade



Students are responsible to turn in their Chromebook, case (with STRAP, zipper pulls, etc. in good condition) and CHARGER. 
Students will need to have their Chromebook charged and powered on at Check-In time; thus, any damages can be assessed and insurance claims processed, if needed.
The Chromebook case should be CLEAN when turned in. Take out any trash, papers, earbuds, USB Drives, etc. from the case. If the case is dirty, students should wipe it with a damp cloth and/or vacuum out the inside to remove pet hair, for example.
Any missing parts (such as case, strap, charger, etc.) will need to be paid for. Accidental damage to the Chromebook itself is the only expense covered by the insurance policy.
Prices for missing parts are as follows:
Case - $25.00
Strap - $5.00
Zipper Pull - $1.00
Charger - $15.00
Thanks for the help! Please contact Mrs. Susan Burkhart, Technology Director, with any questions 898-0062.